You do yourself a favour with a massage

Say goodbye to pain and tension: We have the right massage technique for every problem area. Put your body in the hands of experienced therapists in the Säntispark leisure centre and let the everyday stress drain away. Whether a classic massage, foot reflex zones or traditional Thai massage – you will return to your everyday routine with a new and light physical sensation.

Classic massage

Legs, back, shoulder-neck area or your entire body: our therapists use classic massage techniques to address your individual treatment priorities. A massage relaxes your muscles, loosens agglutinations and relieves pain. The classic massage can also be booked for couples.

Klassische Massage Säntispark

Aroma oil massage

Good for the skin, good for the soul: during the massage, the fragrant scents of the essential oils will carry you away into a state of mental relaxation, while your skin gratefully absorbs the active ingredients. Holistic relaxation with every fibre of your body.

Feet reflex zones

In a nutshell: Our feet reflect our body. Targeting individual pressure points activates and relaxes your entire body. Leave your feet in the skilled hands of our therapists. The foot reflexology can also be booked for couples.

Fussreflexzonen Massage Saentispark
Lymphdrainage Säntispark

Manual lymph drainage

Mental levity: Rhythmic and stroking movements along the lymphatic vessels of your body reduce tissue congestion. Flowing movements relieve the daily stress, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated and light.

Thai herbal massage

Fragrances for complete relaxation: healing herbs, fragrant spices and nourishing substances, packed in fabric bags and heated with steam, take you to a stress-free place, far from the hectic pace of everyday life. The head massage relieves any built-up tension. The Thai herbal massage can also be booked for couples.

Thai Massage Kräuterstempel Säntispark

Traditional Thai massage

Age-old tradition with a powerful effect: this intensive full body massage is traditionally performed on the floor. You will receive comfortable clothing from us. Activate your vital energy by means of gentle movements and deep stretching with acupressure. The traditional Thai massage can also be booked for couples.

Hot-Stone Massage

Release the power of lava stone: this deeply relaxing massage ritual with warm stones releases tension and blockages. Feel your energy flow again, filling you with a sense of warmth and security.

Hot Stone Massage Säntispark
Lomi Lomi Nui Massagen Säntispark

Lomi Lomi Nui

The queen of massages: the Hawaiian temple massage uses pressing, kneading and rubbing to rebalance your body and soul. Letting go on all levels brings complete relaxation.