Circulation booster with fun factor

If you’d really like to break a sweat, then get going on one of the badminton or squash courts in Säntispark Freizeit. You can also have a lot of fun playing some table tennis, billiards or darts with friends. One thing is certain: You will constantly be on the move in the extensive leisure park in Eastern Switzerland!


Only the shuttlecock is as light as a feather: Badminton requires coordination, agility and endurance, no matter whether playing singles of doubles on one of our six courts.

Squash Säntispark


Small rubber ball, big challenge: the ball is played against three walls and may only touch the floor once to stay in the game. Test your reaction and play skilfully!

Table tennis

More strenuous than you thought: whether there are just two of you playing or you invite your friends for a game of “round the world”, you’ll definitely break a sweat.

Tischtennis tischtennis